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Our Proprietary Formulated & Manufactured Products Include:

Products Line Card

Machinable High Temperature Ceramics

Arjunox offers a broad range of machinable and fully-dense ceramic materials for applications in which high temperature insulation, thermal shock resistance and high dielectric strength are required. Production capabilities include isostatic and dry pressing, low pressure injection molding, extrusion, slip-casting, and CNC machining. Our Super-Heat ceramics include compositions based on alumina, alumino-silicates, boron nitride, glass-ceramics, magnesium oxide and zirconium phosphate.

Machinable High Temperature Ceramics

Metal Alloy Repair Epoxy Polymer Systems

Enriched resin epoxy based formulations to repair sealed cracked casting, pipes, tanks, valves, vessels, scored hydraulic ram shafts, refit keyways, reseat bearing housings, rebuild armature castings, repairs threaded parts, restore tube sheets, repair engine blocks, impellers, valves and pump repair and bridge pilings.

Metal Alloy Repair Epoxy Polymer Systems

Heat Resistant One Part & Two Part Epoxy Systems

We offer a customized solution according to your specifications when heat resistant adhesives and sealants are required as follows:

  • Ceramic & Graphite adhesives (3500F) for semi-conductor applications
  • Ceramic Alloy Pastes and Putties with temperature resistance to 2000F used in foundries, incineration and power generation industries.
  • Heat Resistant 2 Part room cure and or post cure systems that go up to 650F offering fantastic chemical and mechanical bonding
  • Heat Resistant water based Coatings for glass and quartz up to 2600F
  • Heat Resistant Ceramic Coatings exceeding 1500F
  • Heat Resistant Urethane and Polymer coatings reaching limits of 500F used in tanks, pipelines, boilers, cyclones requiring excellent wear and corrosion resistance.
Heat Resistant One Part & Two Part Epoxy Systems

Electrical Conduit & Duct Sealing Systems

Several products in this category are specialty products used in sealing ducts, conduits, risers from water intrusion into manholes and vaults. Hydrophilic and hydrophilic urethane expanding foam systems are formulated for the toughest corrosive environment. Systems are non-flammable. Non-Hardening duct seal is available as well.

Electrical Conduit & Duct Sealing Systems

Concrete Repair Systems

  • One component Portland cement based products to seal, fill cracks and joints.
  • Vertical and overhead trowelable cementitious systems with latex fortifier
  • Hydrostatic water pressure resistant coatings
  • Elevator shaft coatings
  • Manhole coatings for water barrier and protection
  • Silicone based one component coatings
  • Wet & Damp epoxy based systems
Concrete Repair Systems

Chemical & Abrasion Concrete Systems

  • 100% Solids epoxy systems for flooring with anti-skid quarts
  • Floor sealants (one and two components)
  • Urethane top coats
  • Novalac Systems
  • High Build & Broadcast Systems
  • Urethane mortars
  • Paint chip systems
hemical & Abrasion Concrete Systems

Tank & Pipeline Linings & Coatings

  • Epoxy systems for portable water
  • Thin mil epoxy systems for sprayable tank linings
  • Pipeline epoxy coatings for chemical splash zones & rust inhibiting systems
  • High Build Tank Linings (Troweled on)
  • Epoxy coatings for under insulation
  • Acid & Caustic Resistant Tank linings
Tank & Pipeline Linings & Coatings

Adhesive & Sealants Systems

  • Anaerobic Sealants
  • UV Curable adhesives
  • Metal Bonding 2 component systems (Packed in syringes, 50ml tunes & 300ml)
  • Cyanoacrylate systems
  • Epoxy Adhesives for structural bonding and potting applications
  • Polyurethane Adhesives / Gun grade one and 2 component systems
  • Fast Setting epoxies and polyurethanes for filling, sealing and bonding
  • Thread sealants/ Tapes
  • RTV silicones
Adhesive & Sealants Systems

Impregnated Tape Products

  • Wax Tapes for Corrosion
  • Low Pressure Gas Sealing Tapes (Tallow based)
  • Butyl Corrosion Wraps
Impregnated Tape Products

Piping Refurbishment & Wraps

  • Water activated urethane pipe wrapping systems for repair and reinforcement of corroded pipes and leaking pipes. Odorless and non-flammable Sizes: 2”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 12”
  • Water activated fast set pipe wrapping systems in Fast Set
  • Fiberglass composite fabric wrapping systems which must be saturated with mixed resins used for structural reinforcement due to corrosion. Resins available in 5 different formulas; cold weather, High Temperature, Underwater/Wet Applications, Slow Cure and Median Temperatures.
Piping Refurbishment & Wraps


  • Hand Towelettes packaging
  • Hand & Tool Wipes
  • Polyfusion IPA Wipes


For all inquires and custom formulations, please contact our technical department at 415-462-9853 or email us using the form located on the contact page.